Persuasive Essay On Cell Phone Addiction

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With their eyes down and minds elsewhere, the undead exist among the living. They roam the streets, clumsy, standoffish and with crippled figures. They are unaware that for the past quarter-century, cell phones have taken over their lives. In reality, these diabolical devices have changed the entire nation, turning even the purest into digital deadwalkers. Everyone should realize cell phone addiction across the United States of America is causing numerous problems. Most notably, cellular devices are creating health risks for humankind, controlling people’s lives and behavior, and new social issues are arising from electronics like zombies out of the grave. Cell phone usage should, therefore, be less excessive and perhaps restricted. For the most part, American citizens spend an outrageous amount of time on their cellular devices, which poses many health risks to users. Obesity, for example, has become an epidemic that is spreading across the nation among adults and children alike. The top cause of this disorder in this now sedentary society has proven to be a lack of needed exercise. This is because new technology has made life less physically taxing on the body. Cars, for instance, were mass produced during the early twentieth century in the United States. They made it easier to travel, reducing the amount of energy exerted when they replaced other means of transportation. Cars have not only indirectly lent to the causes of obesity but have also taken away from society by

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