Persuasive Essay On Cellphones In School

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Have you ever got scolded at by a teacher because you’ve got caught having your phone out? You should be accused just for having your phone out, it actually serves great potential. Some schools are against having phones because they believe the students focus more on their smart phones than their education, but that’s not always the case. Even though phones could cause a distraction in class, students should still be able to have their phones because they have access to technology at their fingertips, you could use it to save someone 's life, and you could capture evidence of a scene.

Having access to technology at your fingertips is really useful when you need it. If you 're a student and you need to quickly research something for a project, you have your smartphone on you so go ahead, but you’d probably need to get permission from a teacher before you do that otherwise, they’d think you 're off task. Also, you
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In the opposing view of having phones in school, people say it’s not necessary to have phones in class or it’s a distraction. Stating in the article, “ Safety Concerns Have Some States Rethinking Bans on Cell Phones in School,” it mentions that technology has changed so it is not disruptive in class. It also explains that “ Wireless devices should not be visible and are not to be activated during school hours. However, for safety reasons, students may possess wireless devices before and/or after-school activities”. Some people of the opposing view believe that cell phones are not vital to students ' learning, they either think that it’ll cause more learning problems or that it 's taking us away from our learning. In an article, “ Do Smartphones Help or Hurt Students Academic,” a teacher states “ When I design and schedule instruction allowing for one-to-one computer access, students get better results than when I try the same thing with one-to-one phone access.” That is probably just because they are not on their phone, but technology provided
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