Censorship Should Be Banned Essay

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Register to read the introduction…A bit of both? Well, it’s not your fault because that’s exactly what half the world’s human population is coping with right now. For starters, Censorship is that omnipresent power which restricts contents on a webpage for being harmful, objectionable, obscene, ethnically provoking or unlawful by keeping a track of your account activity, your posts, your comments, uploads and pictures. Censorship works on many levels. For instance, we all use Google, don’t we? Well how much you rely on Google when it comes to getting information? For your information, Google blocks almost 80% of the contents on the whole of internet. The information you wish to see are the only information they want you to see. Isn’t that an obvious form of censorship which we fail to see? Hackers can access these so-called hidden contents, but isn’t it unfair that others are denied of the same? Do governments want everyone out there to be hackers and get things done their way? I’m sure that will cause more problems than solutions. Or wouldn’t it be easier if governments simply given us the access? Our country, India, which showed the…show more content…
Determined ones always get through, no matter what. Recently, an internationally notorious website was back online this February. Don’t know their name? I’ll give you a hint of something which I read online, you have to be a smart PIRATE to keep the officials at BAY ;) And guess what happened after the governments around the world ordered this website to be blocked? The day after it launched, again, its net traffic was up by 45% (most of them being curious newcomers) and it eventually helped to boost the website’s growth and popularity. What did governments gain by this stunt? Nothing worthwhile, I
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