Persuasive Essay On Changing School Lunches

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Have you ever wondered if you could ever change the school lunches in the Public schools? Well you’re not the only one, many other people thought about changing the way you eat at lunch and started to change it. Some trials have failed but some have succeeded at the trail for their public school. But some administrators what it to come to all schools, for the fact that they are losing money because kids stopped eating lunches at school. The school lunches impacting more than just the schools money, it’s impacting the students education and after school activities just like sports teams. First of all ,students are getting bad grades because they aren’t eating anything at school because the school lunches are disgusting. For an example, in a Perspective Flip Book called “School Lunches: Healthy Choices VS. Crowd Pleasers” it states:“The new dietary guidelines left…show more content…
In some schools some principals superintendents have made a decision to opt out of the Healthy choice foods and make there own semi-healthy foods that kids like. To reduce waste and bring back students who have opted to pack a lunch or go off campus for fast food, his districts cafeterias have installed stir-fry stations with abundant vegetables so students can have meals made to order. and he’s added spice bars so kids can even the bland. In schools some principals and administrators are starting to take action. They want students to eat healthy but at the same time eat what they like. when students go off campus researchers say they gain more weight then when they eat the food they like at school, healthy or not. If it’s not the healthiest food in the world then the lunches service can put less on the kids plate. Kids will eat more at school if the school sells what the kids like. FInally the school noticed it and finally started selly stir-fry stations. thus Principal and administrators finally noticed that kids hate their food and want the food that they will eat and not throw
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