Why Do People Need Charity

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Can huge charities solve any problems ? No because everybody don't believe in charities and they don't believe that it could really help the things that are needed. People don't know that when you pay taxes, a good portion of the U.S Budget goes towards funding philanthropic causes. Philanthropic is a person or organization that seeks to promote welfare for others. Charities make people spend money for no reason and none of the money is helping them. People don't like contributing to charities because it's no reason. If the money not benefitting them why give money. Some people don't have money to just give away for free because they have kids and they also have a family to take care of and other things to do for theirself. People can help their own community with their own money putting in fixing things they see wrong. Americans donate twice as much as individuals in other rich nations, but only a fraction goes to help the people where the greatest need and where a dollar goes the furthest. Donations don't help the people who need the most aid. There are cures for cancer that seems like…show more content…
thats people's biggest fear of charities . people don't trust the charities and most of the money is going to the government period. What's the point of giving your money away to something that doesn't work for you and helps you out in some type of way. People credit cards are already getting scammed i know they don't want to give away free money. An example of a fraud would be Greg Mortenson's charity fraud for building schools in Afghanistan. People rather try and go to the white neighborhood because they feel as they have more money and believe that they would actually give a great amount of money. They white people know ways they could actually get their stuff back but i'm guessing that their charities are more useful to other and it also could be the type of charities that are thrown at them which they could attend to help whatever they feel it is
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