Persuasive Essay On Charter Schools

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A child is struggling to learn at his/ school. He is more of a visual learner, like learning with pictures and shapes in front of him. His school, however, does not have the power and funding to do such things for him, which leaves him struggling and get bad grades. Now, why does he have to struggle in a school system which can’t even support his learning style? School choice is the idea that parents should be able to choose which school they want to send their children to, whether they enroll them to private, charter, parochial or virtual schools, or just decide to homeschool them. “Charter schools are our best hope for meaningful change in education. Yet, many parents are leery of charter schools or confused by them.” (“Should all Schools”) Some politicians and teachers believe that school choice takes away money from them since they do use tax dollars. However, having school choice is crucial for students who cannot learn and thrive in the curriculum or the teaching styles of their school systems. School choice has the potential to raise test scores and grades of low performing students in a traditional public school. The acceptance of school choice has helped many cities find a way to get more students to graduate and thrive. Some charter and private school help states with schooling almost half of their population. “New Orleans, which will be 100% charters next year, is America 's fastest-improving city when it comes to education.” (”Charter Schools are…….”) Besides

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