Persuasive Essay On Cheating And Technology

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While technologies such as online social networks do provide a place to explore and express our own opinions across all social lines,the same tools that can provide opportunities can also be used to victimize others. With the increased use and interest in online technologies,the bullying and online cheating potential has grown exponentially nowadays, making the problems more concerned among both parents and educators. Consequently,learning how to become a critical thinker and tell the difference between right and wrong is extremely essential. With the ease of access and the speed of connectivity the internet provides nowadays, almost everyone can violate and judge others’ life. When students perceived as different from what others consider the ‘’mainstream’’ have always been targets of bullying(qtd from Mike & Teresa,136). Educational leaders, in my opinion, have the responsibility as protectors of students to guide them in this disordered generation. To address this problem, students should learn how to tell what is considered ‘’inappropriate’’ technology use. Another issue that has a tight relationship with technology misuse is cheating. Cheating by college students is epidemic.According to the investigation conducted by the CIA, 32 percent of surveyed students said that their primary reason for cheating was…show more content…
As accordance from Jan Crosthwaite,the author of ‘’Teaching Ethics and Technology-What is Required?’’, she recommended two ways to help students able to formulate a framework for ethical deliberation. One is by extracting from the statement of students or values implicit in their claims about what is right or wrong with respect to particular cases or issues. The other is the presentation of explicit frameworks or system of moral properties and issues. From forming their own opinions and compare to others, students have more possibilities to become a critical
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