Persuasive Essay On Cheating

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The obligation to be morally correct, you would think overrides instant gratification more frequently than not, but it appears as time passes morality is gradually is dissipating from each generations priorities. The uproaring generation lives in high school; it 's your average coming of age teenager and will soon teach their kids about morality as they explore the pleasures and benefits of new technology, confusing the world of pleasure and ethics, and that why what 's happening in schools now should concern us. The rate of cheating has been growing tremendously in the last few years. The ties between an increase in technology, lack of morality, and more pressure to succeed, has resulted in the increased amount in cheating and an increase in whom cheats. A 100 years ago a pencil, paper and mind was all that was used in school, if you were to cheat it would be a wandering eye over to the fellow students paper next to you. Cheating in school started with stealing others ideas and the evolved into stealing others physical work, and has now gradually developed into distinct manipulation of the system with a tremendous amount of help from the growth of technology. According to , The incredible growth of the internet over the past five years – explained in detail, by Simon Kemp, “Internet users have grown by 82%, or almost 1.7 billion people, since January 2012. That translates to almost 1 million new users each day, or more than 10 new users every second.” Although, the
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