The Importance Of Cheating In Schools

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The obligation to be morally correct, you would think overrides instant gratification more frequently than not, but it appears as time passes morality is gradually is dissipating from each generations priorities. The uproaring generation lives in high school; it 's your average coming of age teenager and will soon teach their kids about morality as they explore the pleasures and benefits of new technology, confusing the world of pleasure and ethics, and that why what 's happening in schools now should concern us. The rate of cheating has been growing tremendously in the last few years. The ties between an increase in technology, lack of morality, and more pressure to succeed, has resulted in the increased amount in cheating and an increase…show more content…
Cheating in school started with stealing others ideas and the evolved into stealing others physical work, and has now gradually developed into distinct manipulation of the system with a tremendous amount of help from the growth of technology. According to , The incredible growth of the internet over the past five years – explained in detail, by Simon Kemp, “Internet users have grown by 82%, or almost 1.7 billion people, since January 2012. That translates to almost 1 million new users each day, or more than 10 new users every second.” Although, the increase in technology has positively impacted our schools, that study shows an increase in technology over the last 5 years, and i we look at the increase of cheating school in the last few years you would see a direct correlation. A study done by Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics showed that one out of three high school students openly admitted to cheating using the internet in school. Prior to the internet students had limited ability to cheat, the increase in access has resulted in a peak of dishonesty in classwork. The ease of cheating isn 't just known by the student by the teacher and administrators too. In John Kielmans article, New Technology Lets Students Cheat More Than Ever, Carol Baker, curriculum director for science and music at School…show more content…
There both higher powers and family pressuring many students to be pushed beyond their limits to succeed in high school. It would easily be argued that some parents put their children 's value in how “successful” they are. Kids and young adults naturally want to please her family and the others around the. Many parents have standards set and operations they expect to be met. With higher education becoming more and more expensive an increase in pressure to perform has also lead to students cheating more in the classroom. Lucy Clark the Author of Beautiful Failure, states, “There is too much focus on academic outcomes and a very narrow view of success with a one-size-fits-all approach that negates individuality.” Lucy Clarks daughter was a student who could not meet the standards she get the education system had setup for her, resulting her in being a failure. It is believed that other kids fear this failure and will do anything to avoid it, resulting in cheating and doing anything to prove they are successful and they will that cookie cutter standard of a student. The school is not always the one setting up these expectations, often there are even higher expectations at home. “Parents cause children to cheat because of the pressure they exert on them,” playwright Francis Owuor said, who conducted a highschool play regarding a boy who would get reprimanded every time he did not meet his parents academic
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