Persuasive Essay On Cheating In School

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Cheating is never a justifiable behavior, but it was often considered as an option to complete the work or to achieve the goal. Thought the history of mankind, the skill of cheating has been enhanced, developed and used in variety of ways. Although numerous laws and restrictions have been enforced in order to prevent this phenomenon, people are often willing to take the wager to cheat due to its possible effect. Cheaters are everywhere now, as a member and observer of the 10th graders in 101 Middle School, I find out that the number of cheaters has increased madly recently.
Let’s make it clear: cheating in school is not simply to cheat in exams, but most importantly is that being academically dishonest. The cheaters in exams are limited and hardly increased since the Chinese government turned cheating into a crime ¹. But academic dishonesty, on the other hand, seemed to be harder to regulate.
I still remembered my middle school days. I used to study in BNDS, one of the top middle schools in Beijing. BNDS has a strict system to prevent and punish the cheaters in exams. Students were scrutinized before all tests (no matter it was a final exam or a weekly quiz).Nothing is allowed to be with you except your pen. The identity of the students who cheated in exams would be revealed and the individual’s score would be cancelled. Receiving a caveat while being cussed and jeered by all the students, the cheater would probably refuse to commit such shameful actions from then on. My

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