Persuasive Essay On Cheer Is A Sport

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About 400,000 girls and guys do cheer in the United States. It cost about $2,000 to $3,000 to be part of the team and $200 to $300 for an overnight stay in out of town competitions. Cheer is a sport because parents and guardians have to pay and you are judged when you perform. Cheer is a sport because kids and teens have to try out. Since they are part of a team they have to try out to be able to join. Being part of a team and trying out helps classify cheer as a sport. There are also different levels of cheer. “If you mess up, just keep going. Slap on a smile, pick up where you left off, and stay calm. Everyone makes mistakes, but the judges want to see that you can handle them with grace.” Says Therefore having different levels of cheer makes it a competitive sport because you get ranked on how good you are.…show more content…
Part of cheer is you getting judged, judged on their clothes and makeup. Being judged is part of a competitive sport because you have to work hard to get ranked high. Another reason how cheer is a sport is because kids and teens perform.“Have fun on the floor, it is a blast to watch a squad that is having a great time performing. That translation into points.” Performing a task is a sport because they're are very heavy risk of performing Some people think cheer is not a sport. They think this because most sports competition to win something, but cheer entertains or supports a group of people. Most cheerleaders say they are because they are scored in performance, but entertaining is not a sport told by ESPN. Remember though cheer is a sport, because parents or guardians have to pay to cheer, and cheerleaders have to be judged. Many people do argue about cheer being a sport. Getting judged and paying money is part of competitive sports including

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