Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders

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cheerleading in high school to cheerleading in college was vast. To recruit, the girls would go to the gym and ask the strongest looking guys to try out or we would talk to cheerleaders we knew from high school”(5). This quote explains that cheerleaders exercise regularly to keep their bodies in shape to able to perform some of the stunts they have to do and to also go to higher level of cheerleading such as college they have to work with themselves more. Working for hours and hours on a routine shows that cheer is a sport it requires more than any other sport. Cheerleaders need more than just knowing how to cheer to be in the sport they love, they have to have commitment and good memorization. Their perseverance to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a sport shows their commitment to something they love.Male cheerleaders show their love for the sport by ignoring the insults of the other boys who try and put them down. Being in this sport brings great leadership such as setting positive moods towards others. They are also receptive to trying new ideas and they never give up. Male cheerleaders bring positive attitude towards…show more content…
According to statistic 97% of cheerleaders are female which leaves males to 3%. People exaggerate in males cheering just because it is not as Common. Since everyone is stuck that Pom poms are only for girls, society doesn't understand that it can be for anyone whether you're a boy or girl. In today's society anyone can pretty much open up in today's generation we have gays, lesbians, straights anyone can be who they want to be. Intelligence is also a misunderstood opinion not every cheerleader is gay. According to Luis Rivera, not only male cheerleaders are dumb nor smart, everyone in this world can be either you don't have to be in a specific group, he also adds that he is taking AP classes and is on the cheer squad both at the same
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