Persuasive Essay On Cheerleading

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Many people may think that cheerleading looks easy or is not that dangerous, but that is why cheerleading is like an illusion. On the field or mat cheerleaders make what they do look like no big deal, but there is a curtain separating the fun spirit from the menacing risks of the sport. Sometimes one is able to catch a glimpse behind the curtain when mishaps happen like a stunt falling or a mess up in a tumbling pass. These injuries that come from the mishaps used to be less occurring when the sport began in the 1870’s, but the sport has become increasingly more difficult and dangerous. Stunting alone accounts for 42 to 60 percent of all cheerleading injuries; that 's more than half of injuries that are caused from stunts alone not including the other causes like tumbling and even coaches ( Cheerleading has proved to be extremely precarious and perilous in many occasions; there are unqualified coaches, increasing harder stunts and tumbling skills, and not enough safety precautions being taken.
One thing that no kid should have to consider is if they can trust their coach when training. When playing a sport the coach should be credible and most importantly qualified when teaching certain skills like stunts, backflips, or tumbling. It is when unqualified coaches who fake their knowledge about teaching skills that the sport becomes dangerous and injuries occur. This happens majority of the time in cheerleading. Since many states and schools do not always
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