Persuasive Essay On Child Hunger

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They are our future. According to society, our entire world may be in the hands of our children. But if children are the future then why do they still suffer from hunger due to poverty and food insecurity? The amount of children suffering is higher than a number than you could’ve ever anticipated. It’s horrendous that while living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world we still see children starving. “One in six youngsters are at a risk of hunger because of limited or uncertain access to nutritious food” (“An Invisible Hunger”). This shows that countless houses in the U.S don’t have the basic essentials to feed a child. There are millions of ravenous kids in the U.S and there are very catastrophic effects because of this.

“More than 17 million children are suffering from hunger in the U.S” (“Ending Childhood Hunger in America”). It was shocking to see the number this high. “More than 20 percent of the children live in households without consistent access to food” (“15 Percent of All Children in Illinois”). This is a massive number and shows how much poverty there is in the U.S. When they suffer like this then the results don’t turn out as well. These children don’t know when their next meal would come and
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Many kids in the U.S are suffering from child hunger and don’t know when their next meal would come and where it would come from. Children won’t progress in school since child hunger affects their school performance and grades. If we donate more to foundations that exist today then there is a higher chance of change and child hunger ending. Child hunger is spreading spreading all over the world and if we don’t stop it in the U.S we won’t be able to help other countries. With a little donation you could be the reason why our future generations are improving, the world is safe, and there is now no child hungry. Don’t you want change to
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