Parenting: Child-Rearing Method

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Parenting (child-rearing method) – I believe that every child is different. If one child needs a time- out, then that will happen. Therefore, the way we will discipline depends on the child. Of course, nothing too extreme and we will have to set limits on the way we discipline. I would want my spouse to have a different method of punishing because if one way does not work, there has to be another way. Overall, we are a team and we have to conduct strong, independent, mindful, respectful, and ambitious future adults. The types of discipline I will most likely use are spanking, time outs, taking desserts away, and talking to them calmly. Some objections that I have are excessive spanking, anything being thrown, fist fighting, etc. In summary,…show more content…
Most likely, I would live in the suburban area, less crime rates occurring and adequate ratings of the schools for the children. I have no choice most of the time where to move, due to my career choices. I prefer to move around, however, have a steady place to live once we have children. Extended family – Hopefully, I will get along with my future in-laws. But, if there are any issues, I would love to resolve it before it gets too serious. In addition, I am not willing to live with them. I plan on having our own place. However, if they want to live with us, I have no problem with that. I especially want to see my extended family for the holidays and vacations with them. I think it’s very important to have them around, so that the children can see where they came from and have a different aspect of life from them. Pets – I do not wish to have any pets. However, if my spouse wants a pet, we will have to talk about the different ones that are allowed such as not anything that flies, a rodent or reptiles. Hopefully, a dog or cat and nothing else too wild. I prefer a pet that can be outside and inside. In addition, if we do have any pets, I would love for them to be trained first before they come to live with…show more content…
However, if my spouse has a criminal record, I expect them to tell me. When the children get older, I would want them to discuss the dos and don’ts of the world, so they can understand through someone they trust. TV– I would limit how many TV’s per room. For example, I do not want a TV in the children’s room. However, they can watch TV in the living room. In addition, I would like to have a TV in the bedroom. I know a lot of people do not like that; however, this helps me sleep sufficiently and will have me waking up happy. Happy wife = happy life. The Future– I want to know what my spouse thinks we will be doing years from now. If they’re marrying me for the wrong reason, I do not see us moving forward. For example, if they want to marry me for the money or just because, I could not allow myself to continue on in this marriage. Premarital counseling- I would want to do premarital counseling, so that we have an understanding of what we want and we can go over this contract before we happily wed. In addition, I know this is going to be challenging for us; however, I believe that everyone needs a little bit of a challenge in their marriage to become stronger than
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