Persuasive Essay On Child Prostitution

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Child prostitution is a worldwide issue that does not get as much attention as it should

compared to other well known worldwide issues such as bullying , abortion and so on

and so forth. Child prostitution occurs for various reasons but the most direct thinkable

causes are money and underprivileged families.

“ The principle of prostitution is poverty”( Busuttil, Fanny.2011) .Child prostitution happens due to poverty

which is leads to the biggest thing that everyone seems to love but not many have ,

money. The consequences can be very rough on those who cannot always have control

of what they do. For an example, Sexual Transmitted Infections, pregnancy and abuse.

There are helpful solutions that can help decrease the number of children in prostitution.
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No one should ever have to go through the pain of getting used over and over again just

for their own survival which is what Maisha from Uwem Akpan 's book “ Say You 're

One Of them” had to do because her family is very poverty stricken and they heavily

depend on her for the source of income. The causes if child prostitution can very

depending on the individual 's background and that their own reason are. Children

involved in prostitution can often come from having little to no family at all seeing by

how if they did they would have done their absolute best to keep their children away

form being exposed to it. Never the less, the main reason has to be poverty. Due to the

lack of strength in some governments , and the weak support coming from people that

have a higher relevance compared to some others child prostitution can often go

unnoticed. Another reason why child prostitution occurs is the rising of the sex market.

Poverty , often pushes people to do things they would not do if they were no poverty

stricken and unfortunately prostitution is what a lot of people who are desperate

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