Persuasive Essay On Child Protection

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In England, the law specifies the ‘parental responsibility’ that a parent must accept, and violation of which may attract penalty. In the United States of America, the laws to protect the children have evolved through a long period. The protection of the children is a matter taken seriously by the authoritative bodies, and they observe over the children. If any parent is found to abuse his or her kid, depending on the situation, the child is removed from them, to make the child more secure, and the abusive parents has to face severe consequences. The parents are given six months time to fix the environment they have provided into a healthy and sound environment for the child, and the authorities on being satisfied let the child return to the home of his biological parents, otherwise they are given for adoption. In Australia, the child protection laws are quite strict.…show more content…
Parents and children share a pure and loving bonding, but it is not rare that they are abusing their own children, that too in a harmful way. Many a time, parents treat the children as the tool to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams, or unlimited expectations, and for that they take up certain steps which lead to an unhealthy environment for the children, specially when they are at their adolescence. The abuse or neglect from parents and family members where they are supposed to get security and care may cause a sense of insecurity which may lead to depression, unhealthy growth of mind or even suicide. Here no one is directing abating to commit suicide, but through a small process, the duties not being performed, slowly builds up such an environment that the children take drastic

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