Broken Bone Injury Research Paper

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As a child grows, children become curious and excited to try new things and explore the world around them. Parents should always keep the safety of their young children in mind and ensure that the environment for their children is safe. There are several injuries that can occur that are common among childhood, and are considered to be a normal of part of growing and learning. There are also injuries that can be severe and if not treated properly can lead to death. An injury is often a frightening experience for both a child and parents alike. Being informed about common injuries and learning to recognize the signs of common injuries which can be treated at home, verse those injuries that are more serve and need immediate…show more content…
This type of injury affects the bone such that the bone has been damaged in a way that it is no longer intact. Bones break when they are unable to withstand a force or trama applied to it. A broken bone or fracture is the forth common injury among children under 6 years of age. In fact 15% of all injuries in children are fractures or broken bone. A broken bone can happen while playing, participating in sports, a fall, or being struck by an object. The most severe bone brakes usually happen as a result of an accident. A child that breaks or fractures a bone will experience pain and will be unable to move the fractured area. To treat a broken bone or fracture you will need immediate medical care by a doctor. General treatment includes an X-Ray to confirm type and location of injury, a cast made of plastic fiberglass will be placed until the bone has healed. In more severe cases and broken bone may need realigned which is usually done under anaesthesia. Neither my daughter nor I have experienced a broken bone or fracture, theses types of injuries are known to cause extreme…show more content…
Nearly 75% of burns of scalding burns are preventable. Causes of burns vary from scaldings (steam, hot water and hot foods) contact with flames and hot objects (stove, fireplace, curling iron) chemical burns, and electrical burns. Burns in children rank as one of the most frequent accidents. Burns injury account for 3,500 child and adult accidental deaths. All burns should be treated quickly to reduce the temperature of the burned area and reduce damage to the skin and underlying tissue. Second degree burn injury needs medical attention immediately, while waiting for help you should keep the child laying down and the burned area elevated. If a child has a third degree burn call 911 and follow the steps for first and second degree burns until help arrives. My daughter was injured by hot bath water when she was 3 years old and it was the scariest day of my life. Panic and feeling helpless to a child in pain is devastating as a parent. The accident changed my life and I realize now accidents can happen in seconds without

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