Persuasive Essay On Child Soldiers

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When you picture war, what do you see? Is it people with tanks and Ak-47s fighting each other? Maybe adults in camo fighting in the desert? Or perhaps even an image from your Call of Duty video game pops into your head. But what most people don’t imagine is children, ages 9-15, fighting each other and dying at the hands of guns and other weapons. Although this might seem unrealistic, it is a reality for thousands of pre-adolescents around the world. Many places such as Sierra Leone have recruited hundreds of children to fight in wars. Some families die due to the violence, while other children are taken or come willingly and are brainwashed and drugged into thinking that what they are doing is normal. They refer to their commanders as father figures and their comrades as families. They carry guns bigger and heavier than themselves. They put their lives in danger every day. Organizations like UNICEF have been fighting to rescue all child soldiers from the grasp of the enemy, and people care for them and try to let m them be able to function in society. While some people think that the child soldiers should get a punishment for their actions I think that the soldiers should not be held responsible for what they did because neither were they in control nor were they old enough to make their own decisions. The child soldiers are terrorized over the time of their service. The minors are given drugs so that their minds can be easily manipulated to do anything that a commander
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