Child Soldiers Persuasive Speech

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Today, approximately 200,000 children are being used as soldiers around the world, usually against their will.Children as young as nine are put on the front lines of war. Many adolescent girls are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape. Thousands of children are purchased, kidnapped, and terrorized into joining the countries army where they are used as suicide bombers, soldiers, & to clear minefields. You may be informed that many children are or have been a child soldier. They are taken away from everything they recognize and maltreated in horrible environments. These soldiers have their childhoods stripped away from them and become fighting war machines. Child soldiers are victims, and they should be forgiven and freed of punishments because…show more content…
The piece of evidence states that the children don’t complain and do whatever the commander says. Though many people may see child soldiers as perpetrators, they deserve forgiveness because even though they obeyed their leaders, it is only because they have no idea what is going on. They are drugged, brainwashed, scared, and have many other emotions that probably plug their brains enough for them to just do what they are told instead of think. “Apply the concept of command responsibility to political and military leaders.”(Irin) We should instead be punishing the commanders and others who abducted them and terrorized these children. This is such and urgent topic that I urge you to think about the commanders who put these children up to such terrible crimes. They may be the actual perpetrators instead of the children because they are the ones who have taken children, stripped them, and turned them into war
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