Persuasive Essay On Child Support

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If someone takes their ex-wife, ex-husband, etc. to the court and they reject to pay child support, the might have to pay a penalty fee, have their license retracted and they might even be forced to go to jail. Child support is a system in which money is paid for the care, supervision and protection of a minor; the payments are made specifically by a divorce spouse or guardian of the child. The child support does not only include food and clothing, it also covers medical care, extracurricular activities, school fees and others. It is supposed that to establish how much money the parents should give to support their child the court should take into account various factors such as their earnings and their ability to pay. But every city has different…show more content…
If that happens the child could be found struggling by having poor clothes to wear in winter, for example. Also, the child could be struggling with having a lack of nutrition and this can be very risky for his or her health. Parents should not be able to refuse to pay, take away the money that its supposed to be used to satisfy their child needs and not wanting to know anything about their daughter or son; they should take responsibility for them. There is no excuse for not wanting to know anything about your kid’s life and care. If the parent refuses to pay for child support tax refunds could be taken away and eyes could be placed against the property. Until the child accomplishes the majority age, both parents should pay for supporting their child with equality. Making dodgers of this system go to jail might help them recognize that they can not get away with not taking care of their child and it might prevent them from doing the same mistake in the future. According to Jefe Guo from The Washington Post, nearly one in four children are not yet paid some sort of child support; but only 62 percent of the money owed is actually

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