Persuasive Essay On Child Trafficking

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Imagine that someone is walking around their neighborhood, and they happen to see a watch factory nearby. Being the curious person they are, they walk into the factory to find its horrifying contents. Children, ranging from ten-fifteen years old, look worn down and distraught as they continue to work on putting together watch parts. The problem with this example is that it is just one of many where children’s rights are being violated. Everyday, some child is working in a factory, being beaten by their abusive family member and/or being trafficked around like property. Some measures have been taken by countries across the world to support the kids, like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which set the basic rights that…show more content…
Child trafficking can easily be identified as the illegal movement of children. This type of trafficking is no joke, as its effects on the youth trafficked can be traumatizing. Danielle Douglas was a seventeen year-old freshman at Northwestern University when she was first trafficked into sex slavery. According to her mother Jamie Chesman, it took Danielle four to five years for her to become herself again (“A Mother’s Story- What Parents Need to Know About Trafficking”). A child like Danielle should not have to waste 4-5 years of their life trying to put their life back together, as children deserve to have a healthy and fair living like all other humans on Earth. What makes child trafficking even worse is how easy it is for traffickers to take in the child, as they tend to find many creative ways to draw the youngster in. The trafficker may promise the juvenile they are trafficking an education or persuade the parents that their son or daughter could have a better future with them (“Child Trafficking”). Using these unique ideas to draw credulous children in is so easy that this sadistic act is “like taking candy from a baby.” Now knowing the daunting effects and the easiness of the act, one would think that the numbers for trafficking of youth would not be that high. However, according to the article, “Child
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