Persuasive Essay On Children With Cancer

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Children with Cancer Introduction All over the world children have cancer and many don’t know they have cancer yet. Everyone experience cancer differently but many aren’t able to get the help that they need because they can’t afford it. Many parents or guardian will take multiple jobs to be able to pay for a treatment or surgery that their child need. It not always easy for a child to go through cancer because it take away their childhood of being able to be a kid. People try to research solution or option of their child but people want the best doctor for their child. Parent give up everything to make sure their kids is going to be okay and try to make the best out of it.…show more content…
Some of the cost includes surgery, treatment, and staying in the hospital. When finding out your child or children have cancer parents or guardian will do anything for them and family will “cut 40% of their working hours in half, and 33% said one adult completely left the workforce to care for their sick child” (The Financial Toll of Childhood Cancer). A lot of hospital or treatment center will cut the child off if they don’t the payment they want. Many places will try to work with the family or have a payment…show more content…
You have all these thought that go through your head when you hear that they might have cancer. There are many way to cope with cancer, you can go to support group, talk to someone, or talk to the doctor about what you could maybe do. It doesn’t get any easier as the day goes by, so you have to make sure to make it last to the end. Cancer affect everyone differently, people tend not to know how to feel about it. Sometime people don’t know how to feel about cancer but nobody really know how the child feel all they can do is try to tell you how it feel. Children most of the time won’t know what they are supposed to be feeling or what is the pain coming

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