The Pros And Cons Of Antidepressants

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Children's health matters. But why should the most underdeveloped and dependant class in our society determine our future? There is no civilization in the history of the world where children dictated the prosperity and success of that nation. If anything, children have been the largest hindrance to socioeconomic growth. It’s their dependence on parents and adults to keep them happy that has been an age-old pain. Someone to play with, a story to tell, a book to read, if they don’t get that attention they feel sad or depressed for some reason. Now with divorce rates through the roof, this issue only deepens. Depressed children grow into depressed teenagers who consequently grow into depressed working class Americans who at this stage finally…show more content…
The most prominent include physical side effects. The issue with arguments using side effects as an anchor topic is that none of them are detrimental in long-term or in any way, life threatening (“Antidepressants”). Of course side effects do occur, but their mostly standard: nausea, insomnia, and agitation (Wexler). Research and clinical trials have proved that most physical side effects happen in the first weeks, or in rarity, months, of prescription. Which makes sense, because the body is introduced to a new substance that changes and alters chemicals. If introduced earlier in life, these side effects could have almost no concern because children adapt and heal faster than any other age group. However, antidepressants on the elderly spark much more concern. Gastrointestinal symptoms and aggravation of psychosis are as unpleasant as they look (“Antidepressants”). But again, if introduced earlier, these issues would not exist because elderly usage would dissolve from the early-life treatment and…show more content…
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