Persuasive Essay On Chilean Immigration

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An unprecedented number of immigrants have entered Chile seeking job opportunities and a better life that they could not find in their homelands. Chile’s political stability and growing economy have made our country a preference among immigrants, especially Caribbean immigrants. However, immigrants have experienced discrimination and labor abuse, which is far away from their expectations. For this reason, Chilean migration law should be revised and modernized in order to assure the well-being of newcomers. Most Chilean immigration issues are due to an outdated migration policy, as it remains unchanged since the 1970’s. The current migration law is a holdover from Pinochet dictatorship and was designed when foreign people, especially from neighboring countries, were considered threats to national security. This migration policy does not correlate with Chile’s current reality nor is it respectful of human rights. For instance, Chilean migration policy is so outdated that some time ago a child, whose mother was undocumented at the moment of giving birth, was stateless due to their mother legal status.…show more content…
Most immigrants work in low-paying jobs, particularly those related to agriculture, construction, and domestic service that Chileans are reluctant to work. Therefore, immigrants help boost Chilean economy instead of taking Chileans’ jobs. What is more, some immigrants have a college degree but the current migration policies do not recognize their studies and they can’t work as professionals. Finally, the new migration policy should address the integration of immigrants into our society and develop programs that facilitate the access to accommodation and social services in general because they also have the right to own a house and live with
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