Persuasive Essay On Christopher Columbus Day

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Columbus Day, a day in which the landing of Columbus in the Americas is recognized, it wasn’t until the year 1937 that it became a Federal Holiday. It is a Day in which many celebrate his ‘achievements’ and Italian heritage. Among other things this day serves to celebrate Columbus’s vile acts of possessing land that was already another’s territory. I am against the idea of ‘Columbus Day’ and believe it should be changed. Changed to honor and recognize the Indigenous people who lost their lives and belongings due to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his men. I see him as nothing more than a Robber, evil mastermind, and murderer. After all, how can we celebrate him ‘discovering’ land that was already inhabited?
Columbus shouldn’t have a day in his honor. It should be to remember the trials and tribulations the Taino’s went through. It should represent a day in which the Natives are celebrated for who they were as a people before Columbus employed his ways upon the people. Imagine living in your peaceful community and one neighbor moves in next door and causes terror. Terror which leads to the wipe out of your kind. That’s exactly what Christopher Columbus did, he spread terror amongst the indigenous.
Columbus was a criminal mastermind that ordered his men to mistreat the Taino Indians. He was willing to do any and everything to get what he wanted and if that meant that of his hands didn’t have to b ear blood he was fine with it. Columbus planned to go out and seek gold.
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