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Would you give everything up to pursue a wild dream of living off the grid? Free from modern stresses and the ever haunting technological presents. That is what Christopher McCandless did in the book and film "Into The Wild". McCandless had just graduated top of his class and a successful athlete instead of starting his life and career, he abandons his family gives away his money and sets off to Alaska to escape from the pressures of his home and future. In McCandless 's situation, I know I would do the same thing. I agree with Shaun Callarmans ' argument, I too think that McCandless was bright and ignorant at the same time(Callarmans, 2016). However I do admire McCandless ' courage and noble ideas he was crazy, silly and arrogant, but he truly believed he was going to find happiness.
McCandless was looking at being ignorant, arrogant and silly. I agree he was arrogant and ignorant at the end that was what killed him. It is very clear to see that he was arrogant throughout the whole story he is put in different situations where he really doesn 't know what he doing foolish or courageous it was arrogant for him to think he can kayak down the Colorado river, it was arrogant of him to think he would be able to walk across country with no money he was arrogant. In reality it was his ignorance that killed him in the end, even though he had the proper books he did not read it carefully enough to distinguish the two berries apart and it was arrogant to pick a spot to try to

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