Persuasive Essay On Cigarette Smoking

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The deadliest antiquity in human’s history is the cigarette (Robert Proctor,2013). The largest premature death is caused by tobacco (Antonio Howell,2013). Tobacco smoke can generate asthmatic attacks (Muller,2000). Cigarette smoking should be prohibited as it affects smoker’s health in a bad way (Norma Chew,2013). A cigarette smoke consists of over 4,000 dangerous chemicals that causes rapid effects to the brain and all important parts of a human body (Antonio Howell,2013) The nicotine from a single cigarette only takes about 8 seconds to reach the brain and changes the way it functions (Sara Bellum,2009). Cigarettes smoking is also known as an unreasonably dangerous for being an inadequate product causing deaths to a big portion of its user…show more content…
Cigarette smoking should be prohibited as it brings more harm than benefits to not only smokers but also non smokers especially secondhand smokers. To conclude this, cigarette should be prohibited and not to be protected at any costs. The health hazards is one of the main reason why cigarette smoking is awfully bad. The most harmful thing about a cigarette is the ingredients contain in the cigarette such as nicotine, tar, ammonia, butane, methane and many more harmful ingredients all stuffed inside the so called stress relief stick. Besides all these harmful ingredients, cigarette also should be prohibited for all the incurable diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, pneumonia, bronchitis and many more fatal sickness. To add to it, millions died annually due to cigarettes. The number of deaths cigarettes caused is more than the number of deaths caused by illicit drugs combined. Last but not least, prohibiting cigarettes will bring good not only to humans but to the environment as well, there will be no cigarette buds laying on the floor if there are no smokers. This could help the littering issues too. By prohibiting cigarettes, many good deeds can be
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