Persuasive Essay On Clean Food

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Clean eating means choosing fruits, vegetables, and meats that are raised, grown, and sold with minimal processing. Often they 're organic, and rarely should they contain additives. But in some cases, the methods of today 's food producers are neither clean nor sustainable. The result is damage to our health, the environment, or both.
So we decided to take a fresh look at food through the eyes of the people who spend their lives uncovering what 's safe—or not—to eat. We asked them a simple question: "What foods do you avoid?" Their answers don 't necessarily make up a "banned foods" list. But reaching for the suggested alternatives might bring you better health—and peace of mind.

The following foods you must avoid in order to keep a good health:

Microwave popcorn:
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But they aren 't the only ones. While a steak or roast usually comes from a single animal, processors of ground beef combine meat from hundreds of animals. This vastly increases the risk of contamination. USDA scientists have found dangerous levels of disease-causing bacteria in over 50 percent of ground beef samples they 've tested.

Artificial Sweeteners: food-ingredients-to-avoid-sweeteners Ironically, there 's a lot of evidence that suggest using artificial sweeteners, which have zero calories, is just as bad for your waistline as using regular, high-calorie sugar. For instance, research from the University of Texas has found that mice fed the artificial sweetener aspartame had higher blood sugar levels (which can cause you to overeat) than mice on an aspartame-free diet. Not only are they bad for your health, scientists have detected artificial sweeteners in treated wastewater, posing unknown risks to fish and other marine life.

Food Dyes:
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