Persuasive Essay On Cleaning A Gun

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As Game Bird Hunts once said, ”You might have a particular gun you prefer for bird hunting, but we all agree that having a gun that we love is something we can treasure for a lifetime.” To some people there is nothing like going out into the woods or grassland and knocking that awesome bird. Cleaning of a shotgun is extremely easy, there are three steps, those three steps are Gathering the supplies, the second step is to start cleaning the gun, and the final step is to clean up after you are done. The thing is that in order to get that perfect shot every time there is some maintenance to be done. Like anything else a shotgun can become worn over time without proper cleaning and maintenance. Now a days it is easy to come home from a hunt and be to excited to clean your kill or to do other things and forget to clean your weapon. By taking that time after every hunt, you can make sure that the gun you love will work for a lifetime. Cleaning your gun will stop it from rusting in and on the barrel and on the trigger mechanism of your gun. So the first thing you can do to get that perfect shot is to clean your gun. The first step you need to do when you are getting ready to clean your shotgun. We you are ready to clean your gun, you will need to go the any store that sells a gun cleaning kit. A couple…show more content…
Once you are done cleaning your gun you need to pick everything up. You first need to put the caps on all the bottles of cleaners. You also need to take the pieces of rags that you used and throw them in the garbage. You need to take the rod and unscrew the three pieces so that you can put it back to the container that it came in. You should also remember to put the cleaners back in the container as well. Once you put all your cleaning kit back together you need to put your gun back in the safe you in a gun case. Once you do all of this you have just successfully cleaned you first

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