Persuasive Essay On Cleats

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Cleats that will make you fly
Are you getting tired of the same old cleats? Most player would say yes! As an athlete, you must have the best cleats so that you can perform at your best. Also, you want to have pretty cleats-- so the design must be creative and colorful as well. Even though it may feel like you are walking on concrete at first, after you break them in you will learn that Nike cleats are the best option!!
Without a doubt there is one thing that comes into play when a soccer player decides to pick-up a new pair of cleats, and that is comfort! Lasting 90 minutes is very hard-- but with the right cleats it’s a different story. The correct pair of cleats should fit exactly in all the right places, remove stud pressure and protect your foot. The Nike Women's Hypervenom Phantom, is a boot that contains a lot of impactful padding. With so much cushioning, your feet will feel as if you were running on clouds. The Phantom boot, basically hugs the foot in the right places and keeps the shoe close to your foot through all movements. This makes your movement a lot quicker
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Nike cleats have an amazing variety of designs and colors. You can even customize your own cleats. You can pick the colors and the material. Customizing your own cleats can make them more unique and will definitely feel more comfortable. Nike cleats have many different design possibilities. Soccer players look for the brightest designs. The colors must be flashy or phosphorescent in order to catch an eye of a soccer player. That is why the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom is the best choice, in my opinion. Smoking hot is the way to describe this cleats. They are so hot that even guys want a pair. These cleats are the crown of the collection! Even Alex Morgan is in love with them! The blue lagoon color and green splash at the bottom of the cleat just adds the cherry on top of the cake in these amazing cleats. This features a cracked pattern making it look

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