Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Climate Change is something that we have caused because of our choices to burn fossil fuels, at some point we have to face the problems that we have created. The consequences of Climate Change are horrific and Climate Change could end our existence as a species, most people do take action against Climate Change except, The Government of the United States of America, refuses to accept the serious dangers of climate change and continues releasing propaganda on Climate Change, claiming its effects are minimal and that we are not causing it. Peculiar how almost every other government in the world thinks otherwise. The reasons we are heading in the wrong direction is because the actions of humans are causing Climate Change, and almost all scientists agree on this matter. Another reason is the that the government isn’t trustworthy in what they say about Climate Change, meaning what they say about Climate Change is wrong, and we should change our policy on Climate Change. To show the government is heading in the wrong direction we must make sure that we all know that Climate Change is caused by human activities. An article states, “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that human activity and reliance on fossil fuels is warming our planet. And whether you ‘believe’ the science or not, we will be all be suffering the impacts of climate change, even more so if Trump refuses to act during his presidency” (Schleeter, “3 Things Scott Pruitt Has Actually Said About Climate Change”).
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