Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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The earth 's climate has been changing for thousands of year very naturally occurring like the ice-ages and the postglacial periods. This, not the first time carbon dioxide has been at high levels in the atmosphere. The thing that difference is that the amount and rate of CO2 the humans in the atmosphere is too much and too fast.the problems that climate pose to us is glaciers and polar ice are melting, Sea levels are rising, faster. Ramped up droughts, floods and other extreme weather, Climate change ecosystem and extinction threats, Air pollution is worse with climate change.Climate change is a very real and important problem that put life on earth in danger. Climate change has been taking its toll on the earth for a while one of these effects are polar ice caps melting. For the past century global sea levels has been rising. This leading to flooding, like in the Caribbean where there 's more and more flooding. Drought is very dangerous to people especially the ones that didn 't have that much in the first place. There are terms that show that climate change will have some responsibility for natural disasters. This extreme heat is going to start to affect the ecosystem and in part that is going to affect species to the point of extinction threats. The animals and plants are not being helped by the air pollution that 's being amplified by climate change. A lot of people engage this issue and they do there are to reduce their carbon footprint. Many NGOs are doing everything

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