Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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During the past century, human activities have been accountable for releasing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases up into the atmosphere. Most of the gases comes from burning fossil fuel. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere traps energy and reflects heat back to earth causing it to warm. This process is called the greenhouse effect and is completely natural and necessary to support life on earth. However, as these gases continue to increase, the climate changes and result in threatening effects. A warmer climate will bring changes that affects us in every way possible. Our water supplies, agriculture, natural environment, power and transportation systems and even our own health and safety are some examples worth mentioning. These impacts threaten our health by affecting the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and even the weather we experience. Climate change may potentially be the biggest global health threat in the 21st century. Our response requires a new public health movement that consists of multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral solutions that leads to coordinated thinking and action across governments all over the world, international agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions.
Warmer temperatures will lead to even hotter days and even more frequent and longer upcoming heat waves. According to the U.S Global Change Research Program these changes will lead to an increase in heat-related deaths all over the world, reaching as
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