Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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The ice breaks away from the glacier a huge splash follows as it smashes into the ocean. The ice glistens like a diamond as little clear beads of water drip off the ice. The ice is melting at a quicker pace then it can freeze. This brings up a major problem the whole world has been ignoring. Climate change is going to destroy our world unless we do something to stop it. We have the power to stop it but we have to stand up and make a change. The first paragraph will explain how pollution has affected this problem. The second paragraph will be about why people should be worried about climate change and who will be most affected by it. The third body paragraph will include solution to climate change and what we can do to stop it. Global warming and greenhouse gases are the reason climate change is occurring. Gas are getting trapped in our ozone layer and cause our climate to significantly rise. In addition to this problem we have pollution contaminating the air releasing carbon dioxide which makes it even hotter. Now you say that in the winter it gets below zero, which is true. But your cold temperatures are not near as cold as they were ten or fifteen years ago. Put this into consideration, sea levels are rising due to the fact that ice in the Arctic is melting at an increased rate. The ice is melting faster than it can freeze in the winter season. The Arctic is one of the coldest places in the world, so if ice is melting there then what can this mean for us? Our temperatures

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