Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Climate change will impact the human race for generations to come. In recent years, the subject of climate change has started to be a vital concern in the developed world. In the world today, many scientists are gathering a plethora of information regarding this subject. The changing of the climate is an important matter because it shapes the way society sees the world. The public needs a fundamental understanding of what climate change can do to their families and loved ones. A numerous amount of people need to realize that this is not some undernourished event but will be a dramatic and petrifying phenomenon that will be taking place for many years. Many people around the globe must realize that climate change will be a deadly phenomenon in the future, and need to take action now. There are some people who think climate change is not factual or do not think that it is man-made. Some evidence is out there that climate change is actually natural and not man-made. For example, a plethora of research from some scientists are saying that the sun has been the main source for the climate warming, not humans (“One Hundred Reasons Why Climate Change Is Natural And Not Man Made”). Of course, the sun will be a major component of climate change, but it does not mean that there is no human activity involved with it. Also, there is no evidence right now that the more carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere will affect the weather (“One Hundred Reasons Why Climate Change Is Natural And

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