Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Currently, long period of drought, tropical storms, as well as rising sea levels are really and truly existing phenomena resulted from climate change (Global Climate Change: Evidence 2008). Evidently, human activities are the major causes, some people, however, still intentionally disregard that their patterns of behavior are leading to the irreversible climate issues, such as the American Republicans. In order for our Earth to restore to health, national governments as the most commanding organizations within countries have to come up with effective, efficient, and corresponding strategies to guide their citizens to adapt the existing climate change and more importantly to prevent from potential man-made disasters, respectively. Examining causes are definitely the first step to tackle problems, not to mention climate issues. To be more specific on climate topics, burning fossil fuel has been the radical basis of our economy since the Industrial Revolution, whereas a fatal impact is destroying our living planet: carbon dioxide is incredibly accumulating in the atmosphere due to the exploitation of fossil fuel. For instance, the chief reason why average temperature on Venus, a sister to our planet, is approximately 15 times higher than it on Earth is that the Venus’s atmosphere has been chock-a-block with carbon dioxide, which is trapping the Sun’s heat (Gore 2008). Nevertheless, what people have been accustomed to do is releasing carbon emissions into our atmosphere, which
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