Persuasive Essay On Cloning Animals

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Environmental changes and animal habitats are being destroyed causing animals to becoming endangered. A single species disappearance can in fact make a drastic impact on a global scale. The removal of one species will begin to destroy the entire system. (Bove, Jennifer) Scientists have concluded that cloning the endangered animals will result in an increase in the population of the species, therefore solving the problem. The European mouflon has been the first successful, feasible clone of an endangered species . The European mouflon are wild sheep found in various countries throughout central Asia. “The mouflon lamb was cloned using "somatic cell nuclear transfer"—the same technique used in 1997 to clone Dolly.” (Bijal P. Trivedi for National Geographic)
Cloning is a form of genetic engineering. It is when a whole organism, an organ or a strand of DNA is duplicated. The most often used cloning method is the "somatic cell nuclear transfer” this method requires two cells. Gathered from the genetic donor, is the somatic cell. A somatic cell is any cell that contains the complete DNA other than a sperm of egg cell. (Masters, Bettie Sue) The other cell that must be collected is the egg cell it is taken from a female of the same
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But around the world cloning animals is legal in many countries. Lots of ethical concerns and debates have been fought over cloning animals. There are many cultures in which cloning is thought to be unnatural and that it should not be practiced. The majority of the US citizens believe that it is wrong to complete research that may cause the death of a human embryo. There is a very high risk of failure and an endless amount of dysfunctions and illnesses awaiting the clone. However there is a very small population of people that believe cloning should be legal. Arguing that if it is wrong to experiment by cloning animals then it should be illegal to test beauty products on

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