Persuasive Essay On Cloning Pros And Cons

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Cloning Human Embryos Over the years, technology has improved enough to give scientists the ability to clone living things. In fact, scientists have recently been creating clones of human embryos. In China, laws have been allowing scientists to legally duplicate these living organisms. This process of cloning is used as a medical treatment as stem cells for curing dreadful diseases including like heart disease. The question everyone is wondering is if this morally right. It is morally right for scientists to clone living organisms, because of curing and treating life threatening diseases and using them as stem cells. Duplicating human embryos has given scientists the opportunity to use them to help treat life-threatening diseases like heart attacks. Using the human embryos can treat heart attack victims by…show more content…
These people believe that just because we have this technology, does not mean that we should use it. They believe that it is a bad way to produce life. They also think that it’s bad because many attempts must be made to actually clone life successfully, and that all of the failed attempts that come out are unethical. However, these people fail to realize that cloning has much more effective and positive pros than cons. Cloning can have many more good outcomes than bad, and can save lives, which has the best effect on our population. Cloning human embryos is beneficial to the world because it can treat and cure deadly diseases and can be used as stem cells. The new and advanced technology of duplicating human organisms can help save lives. Cloning should be used worldwide to help mankind. It can help scientists understand the development of deadly diseases, and help them find better ways to prevent them. Cloning can be used as stem cells to be used to take place of tissue that some people need in parts of their body. This process can be the future of preventing death, by making new

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