Persuasive Essay On Close School Sports

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Students should be able to play school sports. Teachers say that us kids should have no school sports. The school wants to shut down school sports so they can fix their school. They say that it is to expensive. They will want to save up for different stuff like more clubs. There is a lot of good benefits why we should have school sports. One reasons schools shouldn’t close school sports because active kids are more focused. “According to a 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine, physically active kids are more focus than other kids.” This proves that stepping away from your books and going to practice can sharpen your brain. “A 2012 study by the Datalys Center found that young athletes have higher scores in math and english that the ones who aren't in sports.”This proves that
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The ancient greeks believed that to discipline the body was to discipline the mind. This proves that sports learning go hand to hand. Studies show that schools with big athletics programs tend to have lower dropout rates. This proves time spent on the field or court also improves your health. Playing sports is good for the body and the brain. Certainly school sports are expensive. It cost a lot of money for stuff like bleachers, equipment, buses, and so on. Closing school sports can mean that they can upgrade stuff like smaller classrooms and get better supplies. Schools could also get more clubs or get better computers. Despite schools sports shouldn’t get canceled because they can keep kids focused. Sports is also good for the body and the brain. Schools should not get rid of school sports because there is a lot of academic benefits. The studies show active students are more focus on work. Schools with big athletic programs tend to have lower dropout rates. If schools don’t get rid of sports. Kids will do better in
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