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The art of choosing the right cocktail dress There are many styles to choose from, but all cocktail dresses do not fit your body shape. The secret to find a cocktail dress that flatters your body is to find one to create an hourglass silhouette by distributing your proportions smoothly, and draw attention away from the areas you want to hide. You want to create the illusion of perfect symmetry between the breasts, hips and tapered waist, even if it is not the body 's natural shape. When you look good you feel good, and when you have found a dress that accentuates your best assets, your audience will not be able to take my eyes off you. inverted triangle If you have been blessed with a naturally bigger bust and / or have broad shoulders with narrow hips and legs, you are an inverted triangle. Creating an hourglass figure by drawing attention away from the body and by giving the hips more volume. Cocktail dresses with V-neckline works well for your body shape. They direct attention away from your broad shoulders and accentuate the bust. Sweeter neckline creates the illusion of slimmer shoulders, like spaghetti straps and bushing sleeves. Avoid strapless dresses and dresses with full-length sleeves, and use absolutely not padded shoulders. Dresses with details below the waist is perfect. Aim for cocktail dresses with billowing skirts, A-lines and creases, as this gives you more volume and a finer waist. Make the most of your slim legs by showing them up. Shoes can also

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