Persuasive Essay On College Dropouts

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For starters, one major cause for dropping out of college is financial circumstances. Many students depend on their parents to pay their fees, and thus sometimes there is an obligation for students to drop out due to limited financial resources. Students whose parents don’t have enough money to pay tend to seek alternative resources like scholarships and financial aids. However, when none of these resources are available, students are obligated to drop out from college. Also, students from such underprivileged families face difficulties since they are concerned with college fees, in addition to the financial responsibility they have towards their parents or families. As a result, these students drop out since they need to support their family…show more content…
Furthermore, college dropouts should also expect lower incomes. It is true that years of experience might give a push to any person who seeks a job, but a college degree has become a major requirement before the experience. Therefore, this would make a difference in the incomes these people gain. According to a slideshow published on by Sueisy Membrila under the title of "College Dropouts", the 2012 US Bureau of Labor Statistics data states that "a college dropout earned about seven percent less than someone with an associate 's degree, and about 32 percent less than someone with a bachelor 's" ("College Dropouts", slide 18). As a result, a dropout student would be in a more complex situation in future years when a family and children become his or her dependents. As known, low incomes would limit financial resources for any family with children. The person, who one day had to dropout from college due to limited financial resources, shall likely put his children in a similar situation when they grow up. This requires further examination of the situation to prevent any of the dependents becoming victims of a decision to drop out of college one day. Therefore, students should always consider potential future consequences before taking drastic decisions like
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