Benefits Of College

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College. Many colleges start to send you letters and emails to tell you to go to there school. Your parents are asserting their thoughts on choosing the best for you. Friends that got their entire future planned out while some who are stuck at a standstill. The choice is yours to make whether you should go or not. College preys on every highschool graduates thoughts. Everyone looks towards how others are influenced and what they choose. Some argue that college isn’t worth the time and money. Others argue that college has many benefits and improve upon your skills and towards your future. Although college doesn 't provide you assurance for the time and effort you put in and the outcome of what you are going to be or how your future will turn…show more content…
College makes provisions ahead for a secure future. A vast majority asserts a view that children are the future and fate is in their hands and we decide whether we should take a step forward or stop. Those who will lead a world and create changes in society are literate and are college graduates. In a cycle of poverty and stuck in a spot of no hope, education provides a light for many in this situation, “There is a promise of freedom in the liberal arts education offered by America’s most distinctive, selective, and demanding institutions; and it is no surprise that their graduates can be found disproportionately in leadership positions in politics, culture and the economy. . . .” (Roth-Doc B) Job interviewers opt towards a person with a higher knowledge because they want workers who could understand hard topics such as a doctor understanding other subjects beside medicine like math and science. A college graduate has the…show more content…
Liberal arts which is sort of like another term for college can provide many pathways for you if you take the chance. “A successful liberal arts education develops the capacity for innovation and for judgment. Those who can image how best to reconfigure existing resources and could project future results will be the shapers of our economy and culture.” (Roth- doc b) Those who can learn from mistakes and visualize plans and ways to solve it might be using liberal arts and those people can create solutions and create many wonderful things in this world that benefit the next generation with things like technological developments. We are in a century of technological advancement. Like in history you are put in school so you could learn the history and change what your ancestors and many others have done wrong. Lifes the way you perceive it whether you made the most out of everything or barely tried , “At the same time, however, an overwhelming majority of college graduates—86%—say that college has been a good investment for them personally.” (doc f) 86% is a large group of a majority stating that college has been a wonderful addition for them and an accomplishment they could tell. College helps you become independent and get involved with world problems that could be solved through learning. Those who say college isn’t any of these things may say that you could regret college if you couldn’t get
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