Persuasive Essay On College Shootings

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Name Professor Course Date College shootings The debate on gun regulations is bound to intensify with the recent shootings at a community college in Oregon. The main debate will centre on tightening gun control in the country. Measures to tighten gun control include gun buyback events, tighter gun laws, and stronger background checks. However, these measures are unlikely to be effective because of the large number of gun owners in America and the existing policies on gun ownership. Implementing gun control policies in a nation with a large number of gun ownership is difficult because these policies are bound to be opposed by some citizens. Striking a balance between protecting the right of Americans to own guns and controlling gun ownership…show more content…
With over 300 million guns, there are around 9 guns for every 10 individuals in the country. Gun buy-back policies, similar to those implemented in Australia, will not work in America due to the large number of privately owned guns. Stringent gun control policies are also unlikely to be effective especially among proponents of the second amendment. The second amendment stipulates that the right of citizens to keep arms shall not be infringed. This amendment guarantees the citizens a means to defend themselves in case the need arises. This right remains paramount in ensuring self-defence and limiting these rights are the initial steps for the government to take away individual rights. Additionally, it is important to note that mass shooters do not abide by the law and most of the guns used in these shootings are acquired illegally either through illegal purchases or through theft. This implies that the shooters are not subject to gun regulations and background checks. Therefore, stringent gun regulations will do nothing to prevent these shootings and these regulations will not be easy to implement due to the lack of time and resources to investigate and prosecute individuals who provide inaccurate
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