The Pros And Cons Of College Tuition

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“Just nine percent of students from the lowest income quartile graduate with a bachelor 's degree by age twenty four, compared to seventy seven percent for the top income quartile” (Feldman College is becoming unrealistic for several students across America because of the outrageous prices that continue to increase. While some people believe college is a reasonable price due to the fact that it is a necessary piece of qualifying for higher paying jobs, it is unfair. As a matter of fact, wealthy students are now being offered a wider range of opportunities than others, not on the grounds that they have increased knowledge, but because their parents have additional money. All students have the right to an education with persistent work,…show more content…
Adam Davidson emphasizes a few examples of this when he states, “It allows them to take part in the amenities race: nicer dorms, better food, a climbing wall, etc.” (Davidson In other words, students are being coerced into paying for supplementary items they do not need. With this in mind, wealthier students are more than welcome to pay for these extra appliances and experiences with their own money when they arrive at college. Therefore, a larger number of people would be able to afford and attend colleges if the tuition fee did not include these items and ones like it. In spite of that, colleges make all students pay these extraneous prices. Davidson continues to write, “Like airlines or Starbucks, they have a wide variety of customers with varying ability and willingness to pay. First class and latte customers can be seduced into paying top dollar […]” (Davidson By comparing the cost of college and the students to Starbucks and airlines Davidson constructs an idea that is much easier to comprehend. “Some of these places, especially the private for-profit ones, seem to be little more than a scam, recruiting students, taking their government-funded loans and offering them a degree of minimal worth” (Davidson Many colleges are becoming overpriced so they can have a better appearance and serve pleasant food, but that is not what all students are searching…show more content…
Some of the college tuition wasted on unnecessary amenities. In this case, schools have been raising tuitions so they can have more funding towards making the dorms and classrooms look nicer. While a clean school is important, a student’s bill should consist of solely necessities. In addition, as college prices rise, so do the stress levels. For example, many families take their whole life savings out of the bank in an effort to pay for their children’s college. Doing so causes an immense amount of financial stress. Nevertheless, for some families this is still not enough. On the contrary, finding another job that will support them is often far more difficult for those who do not complete college. These levels of stress can take over a person’s life, causing them to lose their drive and focus, which affects their future further. A Student 's future should depend on his or her effort and intelligence, not which income quartile their family is a part
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