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Community dance is as simple as it sounds it involves taking a group of people, who all have something in common, for example where they live or where they go to school, and teaching them dance. It can happen in many different locations and its purpose is to prove that anyone and everyone can dance, regardless of their age, gender, race, disability or anything for that matter. It has been known for a long time that exercise improves physical health and with today’s obesity problems this could also help reduce weight. Many people do not like taking part in sport or exercise for its own sake but very many enjoy dance, which makes dance an excellent form of exercise for those people. Recently it has been discovered that exercise improves mental health and by its nature dance provides the company of others and the chance to make new friends while learning new skills. Being a social occasion it helps build confidence and self esteem while it includes people of all ages and abilities making it inclusive.

The Parkinson School of dance offer ballet, tap and modern dance, for children aged 3 up to the age of 16, which is held in a local church hall. They are self-funding and achieve this by charging for their classes.
Dancemode Schools of Dance provide classes for ages 4 up to 17 in street dance and freestyle. They again are self-funding by charging for classes. As they are a franchise they do get support from the mother company by not financial.
Star Dance Academy offer street

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