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Competitive sports can have many positive affects such as health, fitness, and learning positive values such as sportsmanship, but should competitive sports be manditory within our school systems, i think not. Competitive sports have been around for centuries. From the Roman empire with wrestling or the Native Americans with games such as Stick Ball or Winchishkin. Competitive sports can have positive effects such as fitness and personal health but are those effects not also possiable results of Physical Education classes or for the schools that have it, Personal health classes or if the students simply exercise? The debate on wheather to make competitive sports manditory in high schools has been a topic of debate for many years and while each side has very valid points there has not been an agreement on if they should be manditory or not, altough the majority of schools do not require this many people have tryed to get the school systems to impliment it in the past. If they where to make competitive sports manditory it would raise many questions such as, who 's paying for the sports,what sports would be alloud, and how are you going to force people to play sports they dont want to play?

The first question is probably the first thing that would have to be determined would the school system make competitive sports manditory, who 's paying for it. Certainly not the schools, now yes public schools could get more government funding to impliment this, but

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