Persuasive Essay On Compulsory Military Service

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Compulsory military service, also commonly known as military conscription is the introduction of individuals into armed services. It has been imposed in various strong countries like the United States, though most of them had already abolished it.(France in 1996, US in 1973, Italy in 2005, Sweden in 2010 and Germany in 2011 )Nowadays, Conscription is still dominant in Asia and Africa. Whether people should partake the draft sparks off much discussion in territory. Some proclaim that participating in the military is conducive to one’s both mental and physical development while others reckon it is “inequitable, wasteful, and inconsistent with a free society” (Friedman 1974, 253). In my opinion, the latter does not hold much water because the…show more content…
We may often hear others saying that “how can females combat or be as physically capable as men”. Women in the army will decrease its fighting efficiency, since training standards will inevitably be lowered.(Sowin, Joshua , 2013) For instance, Officials from the West Point Academy inform that after women were allowed to serve in the military, men are no longer required to run carrying heavy weapons, which was considered a norm before. However, the truth is that we are somehow stereotyped because of gender differences, which socially constructed. The service can be used to prove that women can also be physically capable and achieve what men can achieve. Nonetheless, what if the above statement is true that women do lower the fighting capacity of the army? Would it be still good conscript teenagers into the army? The answer is yes. Women, doubtless, are physically weaker and less durable than men. However, mandatory service is not all about killing or physical training. It is also involves military tactics, logistics, communication and administration. In other words, those physically weaker service member, but with other talents, will be assigned to different departments with different tasks. So, suitability is not really an insurmountable obstacle for not letting teenagers to join army. On the other hand, some may claim that the serving in the military will dehumanize
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