Argumentative Essay On Computer Education

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Technology is a constantly evolving industry, but with evolution requires understanding of its fundamentals. In the modern era, a mass majority of the population spends countless hours staring at a computer or smartphone screen with little to no grasp on how it actually functions. Characters and industry experts in the Robert Harris novel, Enigma, Steve Lohr’s New York Times article “Where Non-Techies Can Get With Programming” , and the Natasha Singer New York Times article “How Silicon Valley Pushed Coding Into American Classrooms” voiced their unique opinions on why knowing basic computer coding languages are so important. Everyone should have access to computer science education. Considering teens spend an average of nearly nine hours glued to a screen every day, according to The Washington Post, they should understand how their messages arrive before their eyes. Education is the fundamental necessity for comprehending complex ideas and computer programming languages are no exception. “In our tech-driven world, Hadi Partovi argues, computer science has become as essential for students as reading, writing and math” (Singer). Hadi Partovi and his brother Ali Partovi…show more content…
Bradford L. Smith, a former Microsoft executive and renowned lawyer “...published a Microsoft report calling for a federal plan to better prepare students for careers in computer science and engineering” (Singer). Smith highlighted why schools should consider a greater focus in STEM learning. “...Studying computer science provides students with knowledge and skills useful in a wide range of modern careers, which are increasingly analytical and STEM-based” (National). Hadi Partovi called upon his neighbor and fellow Ivy League graduate, Mr. Smith, to spread’s objectives. Soon after a video featuring celebrities preaching’s goals went viral, Microsoft became’s greatest
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