Persuasive Essay On Concealed Carry

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If it saves just one life, shouldn't we make it easier for people to own guns? As of July 9, 2013, Illinois was the last state to join the remaining 49 states and have a concealed to carry law. According to Alicia LeGrand-Riniker, a Newstribune Reporter, the concealed to carry the law states that the practice of carrying a weapon in public in a concealed manner, either on one's person or in close proximity. Not all weapons that fall under carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) controls are lethal. This is why we need concealed carry laws. Where can one not go when someone has a concealed weapon on person. Some of the following locations do not allow for a concealed weapon. A person can't enter schools, government buildings, healthcare facilities, airports, sports stadiums, playgrounds and places that serve alcoholic beverages -- which many of these are public places.…show more content…
According to a 2000 report by engineering statistician William Sturdevant, in Texas the general public is 5.3 times more likely to be arrested for violence offences and 14 times more likely to be arrested for nonviolent offences than concealed carry weapon permit holders. An analysis of crime data by Nick Leghorn, blogger at "The Truth About Guns," found that concealed carry permit holders in North Carolina are five times less likely to kill someone than the general public, 5.48 times less likely to commit a violent crime with a firearm, and 6.6 times less likely to drive drunk. The Christian Science Monitor reported that "the number of incidents in which concealed-gun carriers kill innocent people is a fraction of 1 percent of all gun-related homicides. Therefore concealed weapon permit holders just have the concealed weapon for the safety of the
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