Essay On Concealed Weapons

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The Second Amendment states that one has the right to bear arms. This right can be taken away from one when they do some sort of crime that goes against this and gets their right taken away from them. Around 3 million americans carry a gun with they all the time with a concealed weapons permit. That number is 20% out of the 15 million americans that have a concealed weapons permit. We should not get rid of the right to carry a concealed weapon though there are exceptions depending on the person and their history. Instead of ever getting rid of this privilege we should do through background checks on every person that registers for a concealed weapons permit. This would limit the risks of putting a weapon into the hands of someone that has harmful intentions. Doing this can’t stop everything, there are a lot of different situations where it can’t be prevented by just doing a background check. For one a person could become mentally ill and could cause harm to others.

Many crime percentages have gone down since the amount of concealed weapons permits in America went up. For Example: Murders decreased by 8.5%, Rapes by 5%, Aggravated Assaults by 7%, and Robbery by 3%. In Apr. 2012 there was a poll took showing that 75% of Americans supported “Laws allowing law-abiding citizens to get a permit to …show more content…

so people can feel more protected. As Well as giving people the protection that need if other resources are not available to them at that time that they need it. Next, concealed weapons give people a sense of awareness after taking a class on how to use their weapon. Finally, carrying a concealed weapon can decrease many risks that we have in day to day life. The “concealed carry lifestyle” should not be just pushed by gun manufacturers, but instead should be pushed by some organizations that support it. Overall have concealed weapons can be very helpful to our

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